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The amazing folks at Panasonic are sending us to Austin, TX in March to speak on at panel at SxSW. This comes after our short film “Goldilocks” garnered an audience and received great reviews from viewers!

We will join two other filmmakers to discuss the awesome Panasonic AU-EVA1 5.7K cinema camera and behind-the-scenes details from our respective films. Most of our discussion will revolve around the camera’s Infrared mode and how we used that as a storytelling device in the film. We’ll also discuss the motivation behind the story of “Goldilocks” and how we were able to create a sci-fi short for less than $200 thanks to the EVA1 camera.

To watch “Goldilocks” and get more behind-the-scenes info, check out this write-up from Panasonic.

If you’re attending SxSW this March, check out our panel or stop by the Panasonic booth. We’ll be loitering around the booth from time-to-time and would love to chat!