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Drones for Good became an important movement for UAV pilots during the FAA’s regulation process to help show the benefits of drone use. Those benefits ranged for their artistic use, to the economic benefit, all the way to how they can be used to save lives (which they have on many occasions). Using that as a jumping off point, we’ll be doing a series of posts titled “Drones For” to discuss specific use examples for drones.

Drones have already become widely implemented for golf clubs and course advertising. Dog legs and changing verticality makes it difficult to capture some holes from ground level. But take a drone 300-400 feet up and that problem disappears. Now you have a perfect view of each hole in it’s entirety and you can plan your attack against that tricky bunker on the 7th hole.

Add motion-tracked elements, like in the short demo video above, to really grab a viewer’s attention and impress club members. Adding information about each hole, distance to pin, ball placement to avoid hazards, etc. will help players master the course. It’s a very engaging way to show off the grounds. Of course, their are other drone uses for golf clubs as well. They’re perfect for marketing videos and for capturing beautiful photos of the property!