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We teamed up with Smithfield & Isle of Wight CVB to produce a commercial in concert with Virginia’s Crush Friday campaign! Last year 54% of Americans left a total of 662 million vacation days unused. Why would you let your PTO days go to waste when you could be kayaking on the Pagan River, shopping at Vintage Potential or drinking a craft beer at Wharf Hill Brewing Company? Check out the promo below:

It was an ambitious shoot for a small-crew, covering 10 locations in 10 hours, but we pulled it off thanks to our talented cast and incredibly organized clients! We knew the weather would be a roll of the dice, but Winter has finally started drifting off to make way for Spring. We lucked out and were given a sunny and warm day – perfect considering the talent had to “dress for June!” Check out a few behind-the-scenes stills and frame grabs from the shoot:

After you watch the video, why not use some of that PTO? Whether you’re in it for the small-town southern charm, delicious food or beautiful scenery, Smithfield has everything you need to CRUSH Friday!


    April 17, 2018, 1:39 am

    I love Smithfield! You’ve inspired me to visit again soon. Looks like it was a fun day.